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Registration Closes Sunday May 19th at Midnight

Challenge Day is May28th


Cleanse your body and refresh your mind with our ALL NEW 1 DAY Juice Cleanse Challenge designed to flush out toxins and invigorate your body from within and now you don't have to do it alone.   This Cleanse Challenge is Tuesday, the dy after Memorial Day


You ever feel like your body’s just begging for a reset? That's where a one-day juice cleanse comes in. Think of it like hitting the refresh button on your system. You’ve been running around, maybe indulging a bit too much, and your body’s feeling sluggish. A one-day juice cleanse is like giving your insides a spa day.


Choose From 2 Cleanse Combinations:

Tha Quiet Storm ( Kale Yeah, Naked Carrot, Beet Down )

Tha Purge ( Fifty Shades of Green, Detox Bomb, Intense Beetz)


Click Here for the Ingredients

1 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

$75.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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